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About Beefit Gyms Franchising

Beefit Gyms Franchising is an exciting low-cost fitness franchise at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity which offers affordable quality fitness facilities without a contract. We're passionate about encouraging more people to become more active more often.

Based on a well-established operating concept in Europe and the USA, Beefit Gyms Franchising has introduced a technology-driven self-service proposition that provides great value. It attracts people who have never used a gym before as well as low-attending "gym switchers".

Low cost is no longer seen as a cheap alternative. From using "no frills" airlines to discount stores, low cost is more often an educated lifestyle choice. It is now a badge of honour to pay less: it demonstrates wisdom! Today's consumers are less concerned with purchasing "status" and more interested in getting value for money which is what we offer: affordable quality facilities without a contract. The recession has created a fertile trading environment for the low-cost gym sector.

We have a very clear customer proposition. Our gyms provide all the necessary equipment and services without the extra expense associated with pools and spas. We've eliminated non-core facilities and expenses associated with traditional health clubs and spas.

Beefit Gyms Franchising are friendly and easy to join. We've developed a paperless payment system called "PayMe" that is unique in the industry, streamlined to ensure seamless monthly collections without tiresome paperwork.

We hope you enjoy your membership with us!

Owners of Beefit Gyms Franchising

Gym Memberships

  1. 1 Month €24.99 + €10.00 *
  2. 3 Months €74.97 + €10.00 *
  3. 6 Months €120.00
  4. 12 Months €274.89 + €10.00 *

* Once-off joining fee applies.
All memberships are recurring.

Gym + Classes Memberships

  1. 1 Month €28.99 + €10.00 *
  2. 3 Months €86.97 + €10.00 *
  3. 12 Months €318.89 + €10.00 *

* Once-off joining fee applies.
All memberships are recurring.


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Our Address

Beefit Gyms Franchising Limerick

Unit 2, Delta Retail Park,
Tipperary Road, Ballysimon,
Limerick, Co. Limerick,
Republic of Ireland

+353 (0) 61 603 773

Opening Hours

  1. Monday 06:00 ‑ 22:00
  2. Tuesday 06:00 ‑ 22:00
  3. Wednesday 06:00 ‑ 22:00
  4. Thursday 06:00 ‑ 22:00
  5. Friday 06:00 ‑ 20:00
  6. Saturday 09:00 ‑ 18:00
  7. Sunday 10:00 ‑ 14:30

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