Beefit Gyms offer over 45 classes a week. We cater for all levels of fitness and experience!
Led by our highly qualified fitness and personal trainers, our classes are
extremely motivational,and a great way to meet new people!

  • B is for Bodyfat - Classes that will improve body tone and reduce body fat.
  • E is for Endorphins - Classes that will burn calories and improve fitness.
  • E is for Easing - Classes that will relax your mind and reduce the unpleasant affects of stress.

Please Note:

  • If you are redirected to the no space page or if no book button is available the class is currently full.
  • Please check back closer to the time for availability.
  • Bookings are available 6 days in adavance, for example: Tuesday you can book for the following Monday. 
  • The Counter for each class will be reset to 0 when finished until re-introduction next day.
  • Late arrivals will only be allowed entry if space available at the digression of the teaching instructor.
  • Only online bookings are guaranteed a place on classes, members with non-booking are not guaranteed.
  • Consistent no-shows for classes without online class cancellations will result in enhanced package termination.
  • Minimum 2 people required for class to go ahead.
  • Charges apply to freelance instructor classes outside online bookings at a rate set by the instructor.

Our Timetables


Our Classes

All our classes to meet the needs of all our members.

  • Bee-Insane

    An insane cardiovascular workout , the only one of its type in Limerick.

  • Bee-Weight

    Do you like conditioning & ABS? Don’t miss out on the most popular and effective workout.

  • Zumba

    Dance the class away with LATINO RHYTHM, have fun and loose weight. Let your hips come alive!!!!!!!!!

  • Bee-Body

    A superb class with routines & strengthen exercises with loads more... Try and see changes in your body in just few weeks!

  • Bee-Cycle

    The best indoor cycling programme in Limerick. This 45min class simulates outdoor cycling over all types of terrains.

  • Metabolic Cycle

    High intensity class designed to burn fat!

  • Bee-Core

    A great core workout before work for 30mins. Trying to come up with your own exercises for the gut-the belly – the ring? Then this is the class for you.

  • T-Bee-W

    Put together aerobic workouts, sculpting just by using your own body weight and a bit legs bum and tummy & upper. We will make sure you have fun a good workout.

  • Bee-Swiss

    This class revives the space hopper as a piece of fitness kit, ideal to improve body awareness, posture and balance. Includes a variety of general toning exercises with a twist... exercising on an unstable surface! The Swiss Ball!

  • Vibe Box/Kick Box Burn

    Let Emma Cross put you through your paces with the very best workouts using a unique style of box & kick box training!

  • Bee Suspended

    Bee Suspended is a class with exercises that leverages ones own body weight and the force of gravity and is designed to develop strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability all simultaneously.

  • Skinny Jeans

    This class will give you the most amazing body you've ever had! you will want to wear your skinny jeans all year round!A high intensity cardiovascular and toning workout.

  • Bee-Well

    A wellness concept class infusing pilates, yoga & relaxation techniques.

  • Pilates

    Pilates is much more than just an exercise regime.A true overall body workout.Imagine being stronger, fitter or being your ideal weight.

  • Gym Orientation

    If you're new to the gym, you may be confused about where to start, which cardio machines to try and how the strength training machines work.

  • Spare Tyre Workout

    Use it to loose it!! Work out using..yes TYRES!

  • Boxercise

    A high intensity cardiovascular and toning workout that will strengthen your legs and upper body using basic boxing and kicking moves. SWEAT!

  • All the B's

    BELLY, BUTT BUSTER. Does exactly what is say’s on the tin.

  • Bee-Balance

    A class infusing exercises, techniques to improve your posture.

  • TRX

    The TRX Training System promotes balance, agility, speed, co-ordination, strength and endurance and implementing this as part of your training plan will ensures all your muscles work together thus decreasing the risk of imbalances and injury.

  • VIPR

    ViPR is the ultimate body workout - suitable for everything from back-to-basics programming to high level conditioning.

  • Acro-Yoga

    Acro-Yoga blends the spiritual wisdom of yoga, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics into a physical practice class.

  • 20/20/20

    Not sure what class to try but fancy a varied and fun workout? Try 20/20/20: 20 min Cycle, 20 min Suspension training and 20 min ab workout

  • Bee Strong Yoga

    An ideal class for those wishing to tone, strengthen and stretch the body. Particularly beneficial for athletes looking to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. This practise will leave you balanced and invigorated.

  • Retro Robics

    Did you know you’ll burn you’ll burn roughly between 200 and 500 calories an hour depending on your body index in a class of Retro Robics, the best part, you’ll be transported to the 80′s, having so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising.

  • Tabata

    The Tabata workout is a high-intensity interval training regime that produces remarkable results. A Tabata workout comprises of interval training @ 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated over and over for several minutes at a time

  • Kettlebell Burn

    Once you start doing Kettle bell Lifting and realize that the results you achieve are permanent, it wins you over and you cannot go back. Unlike other heavy lifting exercises, in Kettle bell Lifting there are no restrictions, no injuries, no appearances.

  • The Meta Effect

    The 30 min workout that will keep burning fat for 24-48 hours after.

  • Gym Floor Live

    These are taken by the fitness work experience staff , are absolutely free and take between 15-30minutes. So this is great if you want to vary up your workout, or do not have enough time to complete an hour class/workout.

  • Beefit Teens

    Beefit Teens encourages kids between the ages of 13 and 15 to get active and stay that way.Beefit Teen members gain confidence and become healthier, happier and more comfortable with exercising.

  • Bee Fit Kids Club

    Beefit Kids is an innovative concept that combines resistance circuit training with a world-class nutrition curriculum and is specifically designed for kids between the ages of 10 to 13 yrs.

  • HIIT

    High Intensity Interval Training:A high intensity cardiovascular and toning workout

  • Capoeira

    Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music, this will be a predominately fitness based class.

  • Virtual Bee Cycle

    A virtual Bee Cycle Class with on screen instructions & music to guide and motivate you . Organized in a traditional indoor cycling class format (i.e. short exercises punctuated with recovery breaks) this is a classic workout program set against film shot

Please ensure…

  • You bring to the classes a towel and adequate water supply.
  • You refrain from using your mobile phone.
  • You sign in for the class and indicate to the instructor if you are a beginner or have an injury.
  • You attend on time as the instructor reserves the right to refuse entry after the warm-up.

Please contact JP Ryan or any of the Beefit Gyms team with any enquiries.